Hand Rejuvenation

You know we all examine our faces.

We look for drooping, wrinkling, age spots, broken capillaries, bags under the eyes, skin the consistency of crepe paper….sigh. The good news is that although aging happens, there are things to do to stave off or even turn back the march of time. Those of you in the practice already know well that we have many tricks and tools to improve skin elasticity, smooth pigment, fill hollows, tighten droops. And wow, can we make a difference in the aging of the face.

But we have other sun exposed areas that age….right?

This was brought boldly to my attention recently while watching Grace and Frankie, the fabulous show on Netflix starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as jilted wives living together after their husbands run off with each other. As you know, both Fonda and Tomlin look great, with smooth and maintained faces. But in one scene, Grace (Fonda) rests her head against her hand on a doorjamb in an attitude of “oh, now what” and the juxtaposition of her fabulously youthified face with her nearly 80 year old hand….Yikes. Age spots, veins, tendons and bones! Yes, the hands age too. They are sun exposed, they lose fullness and become skeletal in appearance, develop sunspots and broken capillaries, become wrinkled in texture….JUST LIKE THE FACE! Gone are the days of dressing with ladylike gloves, the hands are out there for all to see.

Fear not, the same processes that improve the appearance of facial skin and restore appropriate facial fullness can be used on the hands.

Broad Band Light technology can correct the brown and red spots of aging and sun damage. Fillers gently restore volume, improving wrinkles and smoothing the harsh edges of bones, veins and tendons in the back of the hand. Combination of the two restores youthful fullness and smoothness as it does so well on the face.

Don’t let your hands give you away. Help them stay in sync with your beautiful, smooth face.

Wishing you, in the words of Bob Dylan “may you stay forever young.” And if you happen to bump in to Jane Fonda, let her know I say “Hi.”

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