CoolSculpting is the Bomb

CoolSculpting is the bomb. I mean it, and I speak from the perspective of a plastic surgeon with all the tools to treat excess unwanted fat. I can do liposuction, I can do Vaser and Prolipo and SmartLipo and so on. And I still believe that the majority of patients I see with stubborn bulges can be best served with CoolSculpting. Why? Because it works. And it is non-surgical, non-invasive, long-lasting (dare I say permanent.)

The short and skinny (no pun intended) is that we make no new fat cells after late childhood. As adults, we have all the fats cells we will ever have, and we gain and lose weight by increasing or decreasing the size of those cells. If we decrease the number of fat cells in a stubborn area, we can permanently change body shape. Before CoolSculpting, the only way to do this was with liposuction, an invasive surgical procedure. CoolSculpting makes use of the fact that fat cells respond to cold exposure by shutting down. The body’s natural mechanisms then break down these fat cells, removing them permanently, and voila, less fat cells, less bulges. Permanently. Of course, weight fluctuations will affect your shape, but you will no longer preferentially store fat in those trouble spots treated with this fabulous procedure.

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