Nipple Correction

Achieve the symmetry you have long sought with a nipple correction surgery. It will enhance the aesthetics of your chest and also eliminate any nipple deformities that may otherwise detract from your beauty.

Arreola tissue is small and nearly insignificant but nipples’ unique coordinates on the breast grant them oversized sway over our cosmetic perception. Many women fret over the orientation of their nipples. And breast cancer survivors who have undergone (or will undergo) reconstructive surgery wish to have their familiar nipples returned. Dr. Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD can help. She is Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of ArtfulSurgery. 

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Nipple surgery can be cosmetic or reconstructive. Some women have long been bothered by persistent feelings of inadequacy regarding their breasts. Easily corrected birth defects, like an inverted nipple, can be the mortifying source of some embarrassing intimate instances. Many people don’t even know that a simple outpatient procedure can correct inverted nipples. 

Additionally, reconstructive breast surgery often includes some form of nipple correction or nipple reconstruction.[1] These women are cancer survivors. For them, the return of familiar body features is likely to evoke welcome feelings of stability and comfort.


For experienced surgeons like Dr. Lee, inverted nipple correction surgery is a relatively simple procedure. She typically performs the operation on-site in two hours or less. Because you will undergo anesthesia, you will not be able to drive immediately following the procedure. Preparations with friends, family and your employer will likely be necessary. 

Dr. Lee advises that you keep to a healthy diet and avoid consuming recreational drugs and alcohol in the days before your surgery. This will lessen the likelihood of complications and shorten your overall recovery time.    


Dr. Lee begins nipple correction with a small incision at the areola. With her practiced scalpel, she will use the natural contours of the areola as camouflage for the incisional scar.[2] The incision shall provide Dr. Elizabeth Lee access to under the nipple. Under the nipple, Dr. Lee severs the tight connective tissue that anchors the nipple to its base. 

Carefully and methodically, Dr. Lee cuts the necessary lactiferous ducts to achieve optimal nipple assertion. She does this carefully because this portion of the procedure shall determine if the patient will retain the ability to breastfeed.[3] In fact in many instances, Dr. Lee can spare sufficient lactiferous ducts to allow for continued milk production in the mother. 

Finally, so that nipple eversion is maintained, a small suture is snuggly wrapped about the nipple to maintain its new shape as it heals. In some instances, your doctor may also insert a dermal filler into the treated nipple as an added measure to prevent future retraction. Although, in some rare instances, further corrective surgery may be necessary. 

Can You Get Surgery for Flat Nipples?

Inverted nipples are a readily correctable cosmetic problem. Nipple correction surgery can provide a permanent solution to this condition. Nipple correction can address a variety of issues. The procedure will usually focus on enlarging or reducing the overall size of the nipples. 

There is a small but significant percentage of the population with a congenital defect known as inverted nipples. The condition is harmless except for being the source of some embarrassment. 

Three Grades of Severity in Nipple Inversion

  • Grade 1: The nipple can be pulled out via manual stimulation. The nipple remains erect for some time.
  • Grade 2: The nipple is asserted with more difficulty. Once out, the nipple will soon retract.
  • Grade 3: The nipple cannot be pulled out at all. Or, once pulled out, the nipple immediately retracts.

Newly Inverted Nipples

There may be cause for concern if you have recently experienced nipple inversion. It may be an early sign of breast cancer. A newly inverted nipple can signify swelling and changes in the mammary glands that may be indicative of rogue cells with metastatic intent. Schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately if you observe a newly inverted nipple or any other warning signs.

Ideal Candidates

  • Inverted Nipples
  • Nipple Reconstruction
  • Areola Reduction
  • Superfluous Nipple Removal
  • Nipple Enlargement

Your Private Consultation With Dr. Elizabeth Lee

At your personal consultation, Dr. Lee shall conduct a brief intake interview. This will help familiarize her with you and your case. Dr. Lee’s consultations are an educational experience for the patient, as well. You can look forward to being fully informed on any decisions you make regarding your physical and emotional health. Upon reviewing your medical history, Dr. Lee will determine your eligibility for nipple correction surgery. Peruse our patients’ beaming reviews for a preview of your ArtfulSurgery experience. 


Nipple correction is an outpatient procedure. Dr. Lee will schedule you for aftercare appointments over the weeks following your surgery. She will examine your nipples and breasts to determine how well your recovery is going.

Do not remain bed-bound. Get up and take occasional walks to stimulate blood flow and healing. After the incision has completely healed, gently massage the area. The regular application of silicone-based gels and creams is also recommended to reduce scarring. Use sunscreen and keep your incision area out of direct UV light. Do not compress your nipple as it heals. It may take up to six weeks to appreciate the full cosmetic results.

You are advised to avoid vigorous physical activity for three weeks following your nipple correction. If you have a physical job, it may be necessary for you to take some time off from work.

Achieve the Symmetry You Have Long Sought

Balance is beautiful because you have the power to make a positive change in your appearance thanks to ArtfulSurgery in Lafayette, California. Some women seek cosmetic repair following breast reconstruction while other nipple correction patients are eager to enhance some displeasing feature. Regardless of your story, nipple correction by Dr. Lee at ArtfulSurtery will help you achieve the symmetry you have long sought.

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Does an Inverted Nipple Mean That I Have Breast Cancer?

Changes in nipple appearance can happen over time and can be considered normal. An inverted nipple in itself doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. Some women normally have a flat nipple that looks inverted, and other women develop an inverted nipple over time. Still, your doctor should investigate and rule out cancer. We implore you to please talk to your doctor if you notice a newly inverted nipple. This is easy to identify. Instead of pointing outward, the nipple is pulled into the breast.

What Does It Mean if Your Nipple is Inverted?

In most cases, an inverted nipple is no cause for concern. It is simply a condition in which the nipple is pulled inward into the breast, rather than outward. Nipple retraction can be a congenital condition as a normal variant in some women. In other cases, it may arise as a result of disease or trauma. Any condition that causes inflammation or scarring of the tissues behind the nipple may cause the nipple to pull inward.

How are "Normal" Nipples Supposed to Look?

Just like with breasts, there’s no one way that nipples are supposed to look. Both nipples and areolas come in a dazzling variety of different sizes, shapes and colors. The color of your nipples usually relates to your skin color. It’s also totally normal to have some hairs growing around your nipples. Some nipples stick out like buttons, and others are inverted and look more like slits. Your nipples can get hard and pop out when you’re cold, sexually excited, nervous, or if something or someone softly and delicately touches them.


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