Halo Luminous

The Halo Luminous treatment designed by Dr. Lee at ArtfulSurgery combines the power of Halo, BBL, and Tyte & Bryte to get beautiful results and minimize downtime for our busy patients!

This powerful combination uses the rejuvenation of Halo with boosted pigment correction and gene expression modification of Broad Band Light in 1 powerful, rejuvenating treatment with minimal downtime.

Find out how Halo Luminous at ArtfulSurgery with Elizabeth Slass. Lee, MD can benefit you by requesting a consultation at her office in Lafayette, CA serving Walnut Creek and East Bay today.

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What To Expect With Halo Luminous At ArtfulSurgery

The Halo Luminous protocol includes 1 Halo, 1 BBL, and 3 Tyte & Bryte treatments. On the first visit with Dr. Lee at ArtfulSurgery, patients receive both the Halo and BBL portion of the treatment. The Tyte & Bryte treatment as part of the Halo Luminous protocol is initially performed 1 month after the initial combination Halo and BBL. The remaining 2 Tyte & Bryte treatments are performed after waiting 2-4 weeks between treatments.

If you are ready for healthy, glowing skin, then schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Lee at ArtfulSurgery in Lafayette, CA serving Walnut Creek and the East Bay.

Ideal Candidates

Halo Luminous is an ideal treatment for both men and women of all skin types and ethnicities who have concerns about the appearance and texture of their facial skin. In general, patients looking for beautiful healthy skin without the need for significant downtime may be good candidates.

Visting Dr. Lee in person at ArtfulSurgery is the best way to discover if Halo Luminous is right for you. For the duration of your 1-1 consultation, Dr. Lee will evaluate your skin concerns and develop the optimal treatment plan to address your concerns.

Additional Treatment Details

Most patients find the Halo Luminous procedure very comfortable. Topical anesthetic is applied to the skin prior to treatment to enhance comfort. The Halo Luminous treatment uses the advanced Sciton Laser.


New patients are asked to come in for a consultation before receiving any treatments. During the consultation, Dr. Lee will meet with you personally to discuss your concerns. She needs to understand your goals in order to recommend the best course of treatment. The doctor will use her expertise to recommend the best course of treatment and can discuss in more depth the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment at the time of the consultation.


Most patients are able to return to work the day after Halo treatment. Meticulous sun protection is necessary from the day after treatment until all Halo induced changes are complete. You should expect to wear sunscreen and a hat during this period. There will be roughening of the texture of the skin for between 5-7 days after the treatment followed by flaking for 24-72 hours. All of these post treatment responses are minimally visible and should not prevent you from participating in work or leisure activities.

You will be enjoying your Halo results within a week, and the improvement in texture and tone continues for 2 months from the time of treatment. In order to maintain your Halo results, use sun protection at all times.

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