Halo Laser Skin Treatment FAQs

A Halo treatment is a cutting-edge technique that will rejuvenate your skin!

Halo is the first and only Hybrid Fractional Laser today. This laser treatment combines light technologies to provide impressive results with less downtime than other laser treatments.

This is largely achieved by personalizing the treatment to gently, but effectively, address targeted issues and deliver the desired results.


What is an ablative laser treatment?

An ablative laser treatment is effective at reducing aging signs but requires up to three weeks of downtime. In an ablative laser skin treatment, intense wavelengths affect the deeper levels of the skin but often damage the surface layer. Extensive downtime is required for the top layer of skin to grow back. It will take even longer, sometimes months, for you to see results from the treatment. This treatment is ideal for deep scarring and improving severe wrinkling and creases.

What is a non-ablative laser treatment?

A non-ablative treatment improves the surface of the skin. These treatments do not require any downtime! However, the shorter wavelengths do not have the same transformative results of ablative laser skin treatment. A non-ablative treatment addresses surface imperfections such as fine lines and brown spots.

A Halo treatment combines both ablative and non-ablative technologies in a personalized procedure. With Halo, both the surface and deeper levels of your skin are improved for maximum results. As gentle as it is powerful, this laser skin treatment minimizes downtime and recovery.

What is the difference of a Halo treatment?

The difference of a Halo skin treatment is in the technology it implements. Halo skin treatments are comprehensive and easily customized to produce your desired outcome. Two wavelengths are simultaneously released throughout treatment to boost the deep layers of the skin and resurface the top layer of the skin. This treatment provides immediate and long-term benefits. By emitting heat into the deeper layer of the skin, the foundation of the skin is made stronger and will be thickened and lifted for a younger appearance. The surface laser will smooth out imperfections and give you a healthy glow.

What is Halo hybrid fractional laser?

Halo is the only hybrid fractional laser today! This treatment is safe for all skin types and can help with a plethora of skin concerns such as enlarged pores, scarring, skin texture, elasticity, and overall skin health. One of the main benefits of a Halo treatment is that it can be customized to the patient’s skin goals. The treatment can be made more ablative to provide more impressive results sooner or it can be less ablative and require no downtime. The technology will regulate temperatures to make sure treatment is consistent.

How will a Halo treatment benefit me?

A Halo treatment has many benefits including improving the clarity and health of the skin. Halo treatments are designed to reduce aging signs and sun damage, for long-lasting results. This is largely done by boosting the natural functions of the skin. After a halo treatment, you can expect smaller pores, even-toned skin, smoother skin, less wrinkling and improved scarring. An analysis from one of our doctors will help determine how Halo can make your skin picture perfect!

What is the difference between Halo and Fraxel laser?

The primary difference between the Halo and Fraxel laser is the wavelengths. In a Halo device, short and long wavelengths are emitted at the same time. In a Fraxel device, longer, more ablative wavelengths are emitted. Halo is a preferable solution because it provides comprehensive improvements to both skin layers but with little downtime.

How much does a Halo laser treatment cost?

The cost of a Halo laser treatment will correlate to the treatment area(s) and desired outcome. Halo treatments are customized to the results wanted by the patient and will reflect this goal. A price breakdown will be discussed with you in your personal meeting at ArtfulSurgery.

What type of laser is the Halo?

The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser is unique because it is the only hybrid fractional laser. This type of laser is a hybrid because it combines ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths simultaneously. Treatments are comfortable and require little or no downtime. It is also a successful treatment for all skin colors and types. With various settings, your treatment will be customized for your best results!

What is Halo laser best used for?

A Halo laser treatment is good for many skin issues such as aging signs, sun damage and scarring. These categories of imperfections affect the texture, tone, and appearance of the skin. With a Halo laser treatment, you can achieve bright healthy skin quickly and with little downtime. Many patients undergo multiple treatments to achieve their best outcome. Appointments are simple and will have you looking your best soon!

What does the Halo laser treat?

The Halo laser primarily treats signs of aging on the skin. The cosmetic effects of aging are natural but are often sped up by excessive exposure to sunlight. Although the perfect tan is desirable, steps need to be taken to keep your skin healthy. Sun damage often makes the skin uneven in tone, irregular in texture, or dull. Excessive tanning can cause dark spots and hyperpigmentation. A Halo treatment can lighten these problems and may even erase them. It’s important to use sunscreen after treatment to ensure results are consistent and breathtaking!

Sagging skin, fine lines, deep creases, and large pores often accompany aging. A Halo treatment will effectively boost the quality of the skin and help take years off your face!

Scarring is just another aesthetic concern that Halo can improve. Acne, injuries, and chickenpox can leave long-lasting scarring that detracts from your appearance. The Halo laser system will target these imperfections and help reverse them.

If you are bothered by one or a few of these symptoms, schedule a consultation to learn if a Halo treatment is right for you.

What does Halo do for skin?

Halo provides so many benefits for the skin! This treatment will not only take years off your appearance, but it will also boost the quality of your skin so you can enjoy healthy results for longer. A Halo treatment will improve the texture, tone, and feel of the skin. This is due to the dual treatment that the one device provides. By treating both the epidermal and dermal layers, your best results can be achieved. This synergistic treatment produces results so easily that the Halo skin treatment is on its way to becoming one of the most popular laser treatments in skincare. Your results are maximized while your downtime barely exists. Some patients are even able to return to work after their appointment.

Not only does a Halo treatment improve the skin, but cutting-edge technology also makes it easy to achieve the results you want conveniently.

What is a Halo glow?

The “Halo glow” is what you achieve with a Halo treatment. This glow refers to the vivacity and health that returns to your skin after your Halo appointment.

Halo treatments affect the different levels of your skin, helping to improve both the surface and deeper parts of the skin to produce long-term benefits. Surface improvements and smoother skin will be noticeable shortly after your appointment. The deeper treatment will boost collagen levels in the skin and help your skin look healthier for longer. Collagen is a network of proteins found throughout the skin that helps it maintain its shape and placement. As we age, our body produces less and less collagen. This is largely what leads to the skin becoming lax and droopy. The runner-up culprit for causing collagen depletion is sun damage. Harmful UV rays break down collagen and will cause you to age preemptively. A Halo treatment will boost collagen levels and help lift your skin. This treatment is a big step towards looking younger and healthier. The “Halo glow” will be apparent once your skin has recovered from your treatment.

Does Halo treatment work?

Yes! This treatment provides impressive results for men and women of all ages.

Halo is a great way to treat the appearance and texture of the skin. The treatment is great for people with busy schedules and not much time to dedicate to recovery. Halo treatments are often implemented on exposed skin that has been affected by sun damage, such as the face, neck, and decolletage.

Everyone’s skin is unique and deserves specific care. The best way to learn if Halo is a healthy treatment for you is to schedule a consultation. In a private meeting, one of our doctors will be able to assess your skin and determine your best plan of action to get the results you want.

What is the Halo procedure like?

The Halo laser treatment takes about an hour.

The first step of the procedure is to make sure the patient is comfortable. A topical anesthetic will be applied all over the treatment area. This ointment may take about half an hour to set in and numb the skin. Once the anesthetic has taken effect and you are comfortable the procedure will begin. The handheld Halo device will be applied methodically across the area. The time period of your appointment will relate to the size of the area you wish to improve. Most treatments will take less than an hour. Certain issues can be improved from one treatment but multiple appointments may be required based on the end goal.

If you are interested in the skin rejuvenating effects of a Halo treatment, set up a personal consultation today.

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