CoolAdvantage CoolSculpting

Introducing CoolAdvantage! Permanent non-surgical fat loss in just 35 minutes! CoolAdvantage is a new, highly advanced applicator for CoolSculpting that cuts treatment time in half, and we are the very first in our area to use it!!


CoolAdvantage uses a combination of delivering lower temperature plus a newly designed shape to decrease treatment time from 60 minutes to just 35 minutes. This next generation applicator shape allows the applicator cup to contact tissue more directly and is able to deliver more surface area cooling.

And not only is time reduced and more surface reached, but a recent clinical study found comfort level increased by 45%, making for a better patient experience. Most patients considering this a very tolerable treatment and are happy with their results.

If you have been considering a CoolSculpting treatment, now is definitely the optimal time to speak with our staff at Artful Surgery and take advantage of CoolAdvantage!

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