Choosing a Breast Reduction at ArtfulSurgery

I know that choosing to have a breast reduction, or any other surgery for that matter, is a really personal decision. There are so many factors that women have to consider when thinking about having this procedure. Every one of us is unique, and so it follows that we each have specific goals and questions and concerns. I get it. And one of the most important parts of my job is to help women define their goals and make the correct decision for themselves. I can only do that by listening to what you have to say, and helping you understand your options.

Determining if a Breast Reduction is right for you?

Many of my breast reduction patients come into the office with common concerns. There are physical issues like pain in the neck and back, and skin irritation where things rub. Clothes can be difficult to fit. There are also social issues; large breasts can become the focus of social encounters in very subliminal, or frankly overt ways. When we meet in person, we will talk about what factors are important to you as you explore the possibility of breast reduction surgery.

What Sets Dr. Lee Apart:

I want patients to have the best experience possible, from the moment they first contact the office, until they are completely healed. Supporting patients throughout this process makes for the best partnership in healing and the best end result. My entire ArtfulSurgery team is 100% committed to this vision.

What to Expect:

I know that starting the process can be intimidating. The first step is to call us. Speak with the staff, ask questions, get comfortable that we are here to help.

Next step is your consultation. This is when we meet in person. We will talk, so I can hear your concerns, and explain the different options and approaches. We will also discuss what the recovery process looks like so you know exactly what to expect. You will have a detailed quote for the breast reduction before you leave the office.

After the consultation, and as you think about what you have learned, more questions may come up. Call us, email us, we want you to help you feel as comfortable as we can with the decision you are making.

Schedule when you are ready. My team is here to move you through this process and again, answer questions. Part of what is scheduled at this stage is your preoperative visit. Not only is there paperwork to sign at this appointment, but we will review the plan, and you guessed it, answer any new questions that have come up (or answer ones again that you might have forgotten.) You may need preoperative testing, based on your age. That will all be reviewed at this visit. All your postoperative medications are ordered at this visit too.

If you are interested in a bit more technical information about what happens during the surgery, read on:

The procedure begins with the creation of a “pedicle,” which is where a portion of breast tissue is kept in one piece with the nipple attached and becomes the portion of breast that is left in place. This design protects the sensation to the nipple and maintains the continuity of the breast gland-duct-nipple unit. The extra breast tissue around the pedicle is removed. Breast tissue removal is done through different types of incisions, depending on what is best for your individual needs. The breast is then reshaped to a smaller and more comfortable size. In certain situations the nipples may be separated from the pedicle completely. This technique is called “free nipple grafting” and may allow for the creation of smaller breasts. While all of this may seem daunting, don’t worry. We will review all of this during your consultation so you have a full understanding of what to expect.

This surgery is almost always done as come and go surgery. You will sleep in your own bed that very night. In general, a full week at home is mandatory. Most women can go back to a desk job at a week postop. If your job is physical, you may need more time off work.

No one follows a cookbook for recovery, so follow up appointments help both of us work together to get you back to full activity. Patients are seen the day after surgery. I want to make sure that you are comfortable with a good pain medication schedule. The surgical dressing is changed and we switch you into a bra. In most cases you can shower later that day. Visits after that are usually at 1 week, and 2 weeks. Some patients come in more frequently as they need. It is all tailored to you.

Wondering if this is the right procedure for you? Come on in and let’s explore your options together.

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