Skin Care

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the skin is the spotlight of our health. Skin damaged by sun, environmental factors and the passage of time can make us appear older than our years. Healthy skin glows, presenting youthfulness and vitality. Many of us did not know the value of sunscreen in our youth, and years of sun exposure has begun to catch up with us. Obagi medical skin care to the rescue.

For years, we have used Obagi NuDerm and are now excited to introduce Dr. Obagi’s new skin health program, ZO Medical. Using the latest technology and research, ZO Medical will not only help repair damage of your past, but will improve the health of your skin for the future. Let us help you achieve the glowing smoothness you once had. Remember, nothing adds more to your appearance than youthful, healthy skin.

The Importance of Skin Care

Whatever your age, skin care is important!

Cleaning your skin and properly caring for it is an important aspect of aging gracefully. At the foundation of a healthy skin care routine are your skin care products. At ArtfulSurgery, we help our patients achieve the appearance they desire with a plethora of treatments. We aren’t just interested in providing impressive results, we also want our patients to enjoy these results for as long as possible! We offer a range of advanced skin care products to help improve facial treatments and give you healthy skin for years to come.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, quality skin products will provide many different benefits for your skin.

Not only will a good skin care system help deter aging signs, but it will also keep your skin healthy. The skin is the body’s first line of defense against bacteria and sickness. Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy will benefit your overall health. Each of our body’s systems is connected: for example, what we eat will affect our skin. A lot of greasy food or spikes in your blood sugar can cause acne breakouts. Eating healthily and exercising will maintain the healthy function of your skin.

By keeping your skin highly hydrated and clear of dead skin cells, you will benefit your whole health. With the products provided at ArtfulSurgery, you can reduce sun damage, wrinkles, irregular textures, large pores, acne, and oily or dry skin. Whatever your skin concerns we have the right products to help you address them!

One of the biggest aging factors for skin is sun damage. Sun damage causes our skin to appear leathery, irregularly pigmented, wrinkled and may lead to skin cancer. It is very important to take daily steps to protect your skin from the sun. Symptoms of sun damage may not show up until you are older, making it all the more important to practice healthy skin care while you are young. Fortunately, sun damage can be reversed! Skin care for sun damage is simple when you use our skin products.

Obagi Nu-Derm System

The Obagi Nu-Derm system was created by medical professionals to transform your skin and help reverse skin damage.

The Nu-Derm system includes a normal-to-dry system, normal-to-oily system, and complementary products. Included in these systems are:

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Correcting Cream
  • Exfoliator or Smoothing lotion
  • Blending Cream
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Each of these products has been made specifically to improve the function of your facial skin and return balance. The products are numbered in the order they are to be applied, with specification on whether they are to be applied in the morning or evening.

Each kit carries sunscreen to help protect your skin from further sun damage during the day!

The Nu-Derm system will revitalize your skin and help you feel comfortable going makeup-free in no time!

Zo Medical Products

ArtfulSurgery is excited to offer the Zo Medical products! The Zo products are tried and tested by professionals to provide patients with excellent care.

Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser will remove stubborn makeup, oils, dead skin cells, and leave your skin rejuvenated. Every skin type can benefit from this hydrating cleanser!


Wrinkle and Texture Repair

The vitamin A in this product will help renew your skin, reducing wrinkles and irregular surfaces. The result of long-term use will leave your skin smoother and brighter.

For your best wrinkle cream or best anti-aging eye cream, ask about the benefits of the Zo Wrinkle and Texture Repair in your skin assessment! Combat undereye bags and fine lines with the Wrinkle and Texture Repair creme!


Hydrating Creme

This luxurious creme will leave your skin hydrated and glowing! When combined with the above two products you will find your skin more even-toned and soft.

Zo Skin Health develops products to elongate youthful skin. ArtfulSurgery provides these tried and tested products to give our patients the best care for their skin!


There are countless advantages to using quality skin care products.

Both the Zo and Obagi Nu-Derm are excellent anti-aging products! Our complete selection of skin care products enables our skin care specialists to develop a treatment plan for many different skin concerns. Whether you have combination skin or frequent acne breakouts, our team will figure out which products will provide a healthy outcome!

Purchase your Zo and Obagi Nu-Derm products from a reputable vendor, so you know you are getting genuine, quality products.

The treatment plan created for you is made with active ingredients that will target your problem areas and provide results in no time. Some of the products offered at ArtfulSurgery are prescription-only, such as products containing hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has shown to be a highly effective way to reduce unwanted hyperpigmentation. Due to the strength of hydroquinone, you should pick up your Zo and Obagi Nu-Derm products from a certified spa or medical professional who can assess your skin and recommend the products that are going to be right for you.


If you struggle with an oily T-zone, dry areas, acne breakouts, clogged pores, redness, or flaky skin, you may be an ideal candidate for our products. Everyone should be practicing good skin care and we have a multitude of products to help each of our patients.

Whether you are looking for a whole skin care system or a professional-grade sunscreen, we have the product for you!

To know if the skin care products we offer are good for you, schedule a consultation with one of our skin care experts.

Skin Assessment

If you are looking to transform your skin, a consultation with one of our skin experts will help them target your concerns and create a treatment plan. During this meeting, your skin will be examined and you will discuss your current skin care routine. The skin expert will assess your skin and, after asking about your general health, will determine the cause of your skin problems.

A change in lifestyle may be suggested to help improve your overall skin. Alongside the recommended lifestyle and skin care products, the skin specialist may suggest skin treatments offered at the clinic.

At ArtfulSurgery, we offer our patients treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation and microlaser peels to provide profound results! Once your skin has been assessed and a treatment plan developed, your skin care specialist will suggest and prescribe the products that will bestow your best results!


Your skin will begin to improve after a few weeks of using the products. After a few months, your skin should be adjusted to the new ingredients and your breakouts should be controlled.

Getting into a routine is very good for your skin. Once you get into a routine, don’t deviate from the products you use. Too many switches in skin care products can cause breakouts. For a healthy, consistent result, stick to the skin care routine developed by you and the skin specialist provided for you.


The cost of your skin care products will vary based on the system deemed healthy for your skin. If you would like to learn more about our best skin care product lines, schedule a consultation with us today at (925) 299-1985.


Is Obagi prescription only?

Obagi products are not prescription only. This does not mean, however, that you should simply shop for Obagi at an unknown online vendor! Obagi products are high-quality products with active ingredients and medical-grade components that should only be purchased through authorized sellers.


Are Obagi products safe?

Obagi products should only be bought from a medical professional, medical spa, and physicians. Purchasing the products through unauthorized sellers puts you at risk of buying counterfeit products that do not have active ingredients. Counterfeit products will not provide positive results and their ingredients may cause adverse reactions.


How do I purchase Obagi skin care products?

At ArtfulSurgery, we will provide the products that will promote the best results for your skin. After a consultation, we will make a recommendation for your best skin care system.


What is Zo skin care used for?

Zo skin care are professionally developed skin products to help improve the quality of your skin. Zo skin care products have been produced to address the many skin concerns that commonly develop. With prescription ingredients, these products can only be purchased from medical professionals. The variety of Zo skin care products and quality of ingredients will leave your skin clear and glowing in no time!