Micro Laser Peel

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Superficial Skin Resurfacing, the easy and effective way to improve skin texture and appearance.

Laser Skin RejuvenationIf you are tired of dull, wrinkled skin, a MicroLaserPeel may be your perfect solution. This treatment will work to decrease acne and revitalize your skin. MicroLaserPeel will have you looking healthier and younger in no time! This is a great come-and-go treatment in advance of a special occasion or to just provide a quick pick-me-up. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy skin rejuvenation or more comprehensive skin care packages, ArtfulSurgery will personalize your treatment and help you accomplish your beauty goals.

ArtfulSurgery is led by Dr. Elizabeth Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for more than twenty years and specializes in providing treatments using the most advanced, proven surgical and aesthetic techniques. She has been acknowledged in the media as a successful businesswoman and top-ranked surgeon. Dr. Lee and her staff prioritize high-quality professionalism with a caring attitude. At ArtfulSurgery, you will be completely taken care of!

What is a MicroLaserPeel?

The level of control in a MicroLaserPeel helps our patients achieve beautiful results.

A MicroLaserPeel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and produce a more youthful appearance. This advanced technology offers superior results because it can be administered with great precision of depth.

The MicroLaserPeel’s beam is scanned over a treatment area to remove a very thin layer of the skin. Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface in the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved, even skin tone.

MicroLaserPeel can treat mild wrinkles, scars, keratosis, sun damage (e.g., freckles) and pigment irregularities. Laser treatment for acne scars will also help improve the structure of your skin and help reduce acne flare-ups.

Excellent results can be obtained in just one treatment; however, the number of treatments needed may vary from patient to patient.

Is Laser Better Than a Chemical Peel?

The best treatment for you will be based on your health and aesthetic goals.

MicroLaserPeels and chemical peels are used to improve the surface of the skin and reduce wrinkles, lines, scars, freckles, and pigmentation. Both treatments exfoliate the outer layer of skin and refresh it with a new, healthier skin layer. These treatments are excellent for patients who do not want surgery but do want young, glowing skin.

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MicroLaserPeel treatments are customizable and will help your skin look healthier, brighter, smoother, and younger in no time.

A MicroLaserPeel uses advanced laser technology to help reduce irregularities and improve the function of the skin. Laser resurfacing is completed with a handheld device that emits a laser to help remove the epidermis. The laser can be programmed to reach different depths. This customization feature allows our patients to choose the intensity level of their treatment.

The procedure lasts about thirty minutes and is generally comfortable. Healing varies but most patients experience discoloration and skin peeling up to four days. A laser facial will vary in depth depending on the results you wish to see. The deeper the laser peel, the longer your recovery period. Results will be impressive and immediate.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels involve the use of different acids to exfoliate dead skin layers. There are three categories of chemical peel that, much like laser treatments, provide different results based on the depth of skin penetration. Chemical peels can be superficial, medium or deep.


This form of chemical peel is normally used with an alpha-hydroxy acid which is used to gently penetrate the outer skin layer. This level of peel will exfoliate the epidermis and improve discoloration and rough texture. A superficial peel can be used on the face, neck, chest or hands to enhance the feel and appearance of the skin.


Glycolic or trichloroacetic acids are commonly used in medium chemical peels. These acids are composed of small particles that allow them to penetrate into the upper area of the second layer of skin, the dermis. The acids will work to diminish damaged cells and reduce age spots, fine wrinkles, and uneven skin coloration.


This peel should only be performed once because of its strength and treatment depth. Trichloroacetic acid or phenol acid are used to penetrate the lower area of the dermis, helping to reduce the appearance of age spots, scars, lines, and discolorations. This peel provides the most significant results but requires one to two weeks of downtime.

The deeper the chemical skin peel, the more downtime required for your skin to heal. These treatments involve the application of a chemical solution to the skin for up to forty-five minutes. This solution is then neutralized and cleaned off. A hydrating cream is applied to your face. Bandages are sometimes needed, particularly with a deep peel. Your skin will be red and swollen afterward and begin peeling in a few days. The depth of the chemical peel will dictate how much recovery time will be required.

A MicroLaserPeel has a shorter recovery period compared to many chemical peels. However, a chemical peel has the ability to reach down to the dermis layer of skin to treat deeper skin concerns. Skin rejuvenation is achieved by both treatments and there are many options: Dr. Lee is here to help you decide which treatment fits better with your lifestyle, schedule, and skin goals!

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There are many benefits to a MicroLaserPeel. Some of the more significant advantages include:

  • A decrease in age spots
  • Diminished wrinkles and lines
  • Improved skin texture
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduced acne
  • Diminished scarring

This procedure will improve your skin and should help you feel more confident about your appearance. A MicroLaserPeel can be considered a laser skin tightening treatment. The laser energy effectively improves the structure of your skin by boosting collagen production. The result will be smoother, firmer facial skin.


A MicroLaserPeel is a simple, convenient skin care solution for people with busy lifestyles.

This treatment is great for people who wish to improve their skin quality with a minimally-invasive procedure. The laser resurfacing technique used in the MicroLaserPeel procedure will help rejuvenate your skin with less downtime compared to many other skin resurfacing techniques. If you have moderate skin elasticity and are bothered by skin blemishes, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee to see if a MicroLaserPeel is right for you.

Personal Consultation

During your private meeting with Dr. Lee, you will have the opportunity to discuss your skin concerns and what you want your skin to look like. She will listen carefully and ask about your skin care routine, past facial treatments, current medications, and general health. Dr. Lee will examine your facial skin to ensure that a MicroLaserPeel is a good solution for you. She may suggest an alternative option or additional treatments if they better achieve your goals.

Dr. Lee will discuss the details of a MicroLaserPeel treatment, the potential risks, and what the recovery period will be like. We encourage you to ask lots of questions as you have the opportunity to engage with the doctor, who has years of experience and an intimate understanding of the mechanisms of a MicroLaserPeel. Before you go, Dr. Lee will provide you with instructions on how best to prepare for your treatment and recovery period.


When you arrive for your procedure, your skin will be cleaned and your eyes will be covered to keep them safe from the light of the laser. If you are sensitive to discomfort, a topical numbing agent can be used to improve the experience. The MicroLaserPeel handpiece will be held over the target areas. Computerized mapping will guide the laser around the face to target and treat skin imperfections. The treatment will last fifteen to thirty minutes.


A healthy recovery is key to optimal results.

Immediately after the treatment, your face may appear lighter than normal. The epidermis has been dehydrated by the heat of the laser and will peel away within a few days. As the top layer of skin peels away, your skin will be red, sensitive, and slightly swollen. Stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized. Avoid direct sunlight and, after the initial healing period, use a strong SPF sunblock to protect your skin. It typically takes three to four days for the skin to recover from the procedure.


How Long Does a MicroLaserPeel Last?

You will immediately notice a difference in your skin. It will feel tighter and, as the skin exfoliates, will feel smoother. After the four-day healing process, you will notice more prominent results. The tone and texture of your skin will be more even and smooth. This treatment should provide you with beautiful results for about a month. The more treatments you receive, the better the quality of your skin. You can receive MicroLaserPeels every month to two months.

How Much Does a Laser Face Peel Cost?

A MicroLaserPeel will vary in cost based on the customized aspects of the procedure. At ArtfulSurgery, we strive to develop relationships with our patients so we can have a better understanding of how to help them. Every patient can expect care, respect, and attention-to-detail when they step into our office.

If you are looking for a simple, fast procedure to improve your skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee today at (925) 299-1985.