Procedures for Men

At Artful Surgery, more and more men are requesting Botox injections to get rid of pesky wrinkles around their eyes and forehead. It is a popular treatment options because it’s quick, it’s straightforward, and, most importantly, it’s effective.

Have you spent hours and hours at the gym, only to continue seeing stubborn fat sitting around your midsection? Would you like to see a more chiseled jawline? The fat-freezing effects of CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, can be a wonderful option for men who are in good health but can’t get rid of those last few pounds in problem areas like the abdomen, stomach, lower back, chest and neck.

Sometimes referred to as “man boobs,” many men with this issue struggle with self-confidence and feel self-conscious. A common hormone imbalance among men occurs when the body produces more estrogen than testosterone, resulting in gynecomastia, or swollen breast tissue. In extreme cases, the condition may cause men to shy away from sports, removing their shirt, and from participating in physical activities including intimacy. There are many solutions that may help reduce over-developed male breast tissue, but cosmetic treatment will give you the results you want right away.

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