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Pregnancy and motherhood changes our bodies. Breasts, bellies, hips can all look permanently different than before having children. A Mommy Makeover refers to combining procedures in one surgery to help you get back to what you used to be.

In most cases, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is done to tighten belly and remove excess and loose skin, combined with a rejuvenating procedure to the breasts.

Some women want a breast lift, others a breast augmentation or even a breast reduction. Liposuction may also be added to further shape the hips, thighs or waist. Pregnancy and nursing affects each of us differently, so each of us may have different components in a Mommy Makeover procedure.

Dr. Lee does most of her Mommy Makeover surgeries as a “come and go” procedure. Breast surgery, abdominoplasty and liposuction are all done in sequence, depending on your individual needs and Dr. Lee’s treatment plan. Tummy tuck removes extra skin, reshapes the belly button and tightens up stretched abdominal wall muscles. Breast lift raises nipples that are too low, and moves breast tissue to a perkier position. Breast augmentation uses breast implants to fill out the breasts and increase breast size. At times, augmentation is combined with breast lift to get the look you want. Some women wish to have smaller breasts, and breast reduction is their breast procedure of choice. Further sculpting of the body can be with liposuction.

Types of Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeovers vary with the each patient’s body shape and desires. The tummy tuck component may require a full abdominoplasty, or only a mini, depending on how much extra skin and how much muscle separation you have. Breast augmentation can be done with silicone or saline filled implants through incisions around the nipple or under the breast. Breast lifts may involve moving breast tissue to a perkier position and removing extra skin. During breast reduction, volume is decreased, while also tightening the breast skin and moving the nipple up to a more youthful position on the breast. Liposuction is generally performed with tumescent technique, where fluid is placed in the area to be suctioned. This fluid contains anesthesia and a little epinephrine to make the surgery easier. Tumescent solution helps minimize bleeding and bruising and aids Dr. Lee in creating a better contour to the area treated. Ultrasound or laser assisted liposuction can also be done under some circumstances.

A picture tells 1000 words. See the photo gallery for examples of what some of Dr. Lee’s other patients have achieved with mommy makeover surgery.

Before & After Photos

Alternatives to Mommy Makeover

Belly contour can sometimes be improved by liposuction alone, or now, by or CoolSculpting®. Liposuction is still done in the operating room, but or CoolSculpting® is a new, non-surgical technique of permanent fat reduction. Neither process will tighten stretched out muscles, and often, the best way to diminish the appearance of stretched out skin is to remove the excess with tummy tuck.

Breast appearance can really only be improved surgically. Although there are many products out there claiming to tighten saggy breasts, or increase breast volume with the application of a suction apparatus, none have been proven to work or to provide long-lasting results.

The results of liposuction can be achieved with CoolSculpting®. Done in the office or CoolSculpting® works more slowly than liposuction but is effective in permanently smoothing stubborn bulges and problem areas. Liposuction is easy to combine with the breast and belly procedures of a Mommy Makeover.


When you come to meet with Dr. Lee in private consultation, you and she will speak to best understand your goals.

You will learn about the various options designed to customize the Mommy Makeover to the combination of procedures to best help you get back to yourself.

Examination helps determine how much skin should be removed from belly and or breasts, how much abdominal wall muscle tightening is needed, and what is required to shape your breasts. Each procedure has different benefits. These will be explained in a way that helps you understand why Dr. Lee may recommend one procedure over another. Good information helps you choose the best course for you.

A good recovery and great results all depends on appropriate preparation. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will make recommendations for time off work, whether or not to plan to have help at home for your children, how long to delay before starting an exercise program. The type of work you do, what your typical day is like, and what procedures you will have in your Mommy Makeover will all guide your recovery plan.

At the end of your consultation, you will be provided with quotes for the procedures discussed. Our goal is for you to complete your visit with an understanding of your options, and what will be involved both for physical recovery and financially.


We hope that your consultation generates more questions and a lot of excitement and anticipation. We are here to help you sail through the Mommy Makeover process. Call us with any questions. Some can be answered over the phone, but at other times, meeting again with Dr. Lee in person is the best way to move forward. When you are ready to proceed, a call to the office will get you on Dr. Lee’s operating schedule. At least one more preoperative visit will be scheduled, one to 2 weeks before the surgery. At this appointment, Dr. Lee will review the surgical plan, provide you with written information to get you set for recovery, write your prescriptions so your medications will be ready for you at home, and answer any more questions which may have come up.


Once you and Dr. Lee have designed a treatment plan for your Mommy Makeover, and you are ready to go, the office will schedule you at a fully accredited surgical facility. With outpatient surgery, you will come in for your procedure in the morning and go home to sleep in your own bed. Your first postoperative visit to the office will be the day after surgery. All of your new postoperative questions will be answered, and Dr. Lee will ensure that all is going as well with your recovery.

Rest is an absolute requirement. If abdominoplasty was part of your Mommy Makeover procedure, you will have planned two weeks off of a desk job. If only liposuction or breast surgery is performed, a week off may be enough. During that time, you must focus on yourself only; sleep as soon as you are tired, eat as soon as you are hungry. You will need help for yourself for the first few days, and help for the house and children for two weeks. Your recovery will be smoother if you take good care of yourself right up front.

You will see Dr. Lee frequently enough after surgery to make sure that you are recovering as well as possible. Each patient heals differently. She will help guide your return to heavy lifting, exercising and other activities as you progress, to get you back to your usual routine safely and as quickly as possible.