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Many people struggle with exercise-resistant fat on the backs of their thighs. These crescent-shaped bands of fat that collect under your buttocks and on your thighs are often called “banana rolls.” They can be difficult to eliminate even with strict dieting and exercise.

Banana Rolls CoolSculpting

If you are not interested in cosmetic surgery but are frustrated by your banana rolls, CoolSculpting may be your ideal solution! CoolSculpting allows our patients to conveniently tone and slim the area under their buttocks for a smoother, more flattering contour. You can sculpt away stubborn fat with no incisions or downtime needed!

At ArtfulSurgery, we offer the most advanced cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of our patients and help them feel great! We strive to provide our patients with excellent experiences and incredible results. At the head of our team is Dr. Elizabeth Lee, a certified plastic surgeon whose passion is helping her patients. Whatever your concern, Dr. Lee will work with you to create a treatment plan that considers your unique anatomical features to achieve your desired outcome!

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About CoolSculpting Banana Rolls

CoolSculpting Banana Rolls Lafayette

Banana rolls are that roll of fat that develops under the buttocks at the top of your upper thighs. This area can prove very difficult to reduce: some patients do not see improvements even after increasing their workouts and changing their diet. At ArtfulSurgery, we want you to look and feel your best! That’s why we offer CoolSculpting to help your thighs look more toned and your butt to appear perkier. Get rid of your banana rolls and feel more confident in shorts and swimsuits!

CoolSculpting implements the science of cryolipolysis, or freezing fat cells, to help you achieve your ideal body. You can literally freeze fat away with CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting breaks down fat cells, which are disposed of naturally by the body. These fat cells are gone for good and cannot return! 

CoolSculpting is considered a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that, like liposuction, shrinks your stubborn fat bulges. However, CoolSculpting will not create scars or require anesthesia as liposuction surgeries do. The non-invasive method of CoolSculpting makes it an appealing and safe option for our patients!

The CoolCurve+ applicator will help promote a more comfortable and targeted treatment.

There are many CoolSculpting applicators available to help you get rid of difficult fat. The CoolCurve+ is the ideal CoolSculpting applicator for your buttock rolls. This applicator was designed to curve to the natural shape of the thighs. When applied, the CoolCurve+  will suction onto your thighs, guaranteeing accurate, targeted fat freezing.

Fat removal without surgery is possible! CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical method to transform your body.

If you are looking for ways to slim down stubborn fat deposits, CoolSculpting may be your ideal solution!

For cool body sculpting techniques that leave your body slim and curvy, consider ArtfulSurgery.


There are many advantages to CoolSculpting, some of the more noteworthy benefits of this treatment are that it is very convenient and does not require surgery. No injections, incisions, scarring, or anesthetic is needed to improve your body with CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting will help improve the contours of your body and diminish stubborn fat conveniently! No downtime is required: you can get right back to your day after CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting can also be used to treat more than one area at a time.

CoolSculpting multiple areas enables you to slim your body contours on a larger scale. For example, you can reduce your banana rolls and love handles in the same appointment to improve your body’s proportions and enhance your curves. CoolSculpting multiple areas will extend appointment times slightly, but our patients agree: their results are worth the extra few minutes!


Candidate Banana Roll CoolSculpting

Men and women who are not interested in surgery but still want to reduce stubborn areas of fat, but would prefer to avoid surgery are good candidates for this treatment. If you are looking for a convenient solution to your banana rolls, CoolSculpting is your best choice! This treatment will not take away from your day and will help improve the contour of your butt and upper thighs.

Want to feel confident again in a swimsuit and shorts? Choose banana roll CoolSculpting at ArtfulSurgery.

ArtfulSurgery’s Special Touch

  • More effective and faster treatment with 4 new machines
  • Can CoolSculpt at 4x speed “Quadsculpting”
  • Trusted advisors to the makers of CoolSculpting
  • ArtfulSurgery helps design treatment protocols for international use
  • One of, if not the only, center in the region where a plastic surgeon does the consultation and designs the treatment plan

Personal Consultation

You will have the opportunity to meet with one of ArtfulSurgery’s CoolSculpting experts. During your appointment, you will be able to discuss your concerns with your buttock rolls and how you would like to improve the look of your thighs.

Your CoolSculpting expert will listen and examine the area. They will explain the procedure and ask about your general health. 

If CoolSculpting is deemed your ideal solution to reducing your banana rolls and improving the curve of your butt and thighs, an appointment for your first CoolSculpting treatment will be planned. The CoolSculpting expert will determine the number of treatments you need to ensure your best results.


When you arrive at ArtfulSurgery, you will need to remove the clothing on your lower body for placement of the applicator on the lower buttocks and upper thighs. The CoolCurve+ will be suctioned to your banana rolls. The applicator will expose the stubborn fat to cold temperatures for about an hour. During this hour you can sleep, read, play on your phone, watch TV, or work on your laptop. Once the treatment is over, an ArtfulSurgery team member will massage the area for about three minutes. You can immediately drive and engage in your regular activities.

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You will be able to return to your regular schedule immediately after the treatment!

CoolSculpting does not require downtime. The exposure to freezing temperatures will make your upper thigh and lower buttocks area numb. Feeling will return to the area gradually over the day. Some patients experience swelling. Some patients experience soreness such as that associated with an intense workout in the days following the procedure. Any discomfort can be controlled with Ibuprofen.

CoolSculpting is convenient and allows you to return to regular activities and diet after the treatment. You can enjoy your life while you watch your banana roll become slimmer and slimmer!


Banana Rolls CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting helps to transform your body and reduce those stubborn bulges of fat! It will take a few weeks for your body to naturally dispose of the frozen fat cells. You will see impressive results after a few months from your first treatment. These dead fat cells will be eliminated for the long-term, reducing the fat stores present in your banana roll area. These fat cells cannot return and grow.

CoolSculpting your banana rolls will help slim down your thighs and improve the appearance of your buttocks. A single treatment on average reduces fat up to 24%! Most patients see their desired, ideal results within three CoolSculpting sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart. Patients who maintain an active lifestyle and healthy diet ensure long-lasting results.

Complementary Procedures

CoolSculpting is a great option to reduce those difficult fat deposits without the downsides of an invasive surgery. One of the many advantages of CoolSculpting is that the technique can be performed almost anywhere on the body. If you are frustrated by fat that seems resistant to exercise and diet, CoolSculpting is your simple solution. 

CoolSculpting can be applied to areas around the body such as the abdomen, under the chin, back, love handles, thighs, knees, and arms.

How to Treat the Double Chin CoolSculpting the Love Handles

A unique CoolSculpting applicator has been created to target the fat in each of these areas. Whether you have jiggly thighs or a double chin, CoolSculpting techniques can be used to non-invasively improve your body. Whatever your concern, there is a CoolSculpting solution for you!

To learn more about CoolSculpting options and if you can combine another treatment with your buttocks roll procedure, schedule a consultation with us today!


At ArtfulSurgery, we customize your treatment. The cost of your CoolSculpting procedure will vary based on the number of areas being treated and how many appointments Dr. Lee suggests to obtain your ideal outcome. If you would like to learn more about CoolSculpting and the cost involved, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee today at (925) 299-1985.