diValicious Event!

Do you know more about your horoscope than your sexual and intimate health?

Aging, childbirth, and menopause can have a profound effect on your body and mind.  Unfortunately, those psychological and physiological changes aren’t always for the better.  
The never ending advice from magazines, blogs, and Dr. Google may be overwhelming and misleading. Often we regretfully resolve that our sexual health and feelings of intimacy like all great things, just fades over time.

Well, good news: diValicious is scheduled for Thursday, May 10th!  

Hosted by Elizabeth S. Lee, MD FACS and Melina Winterton, MPH,

diValicious will be an enlightening, fun, women-only event to help you understand ways in which you can restore and maintain your intimate, physical well-being.

During the event we’ll discuss:

  • Treating vaginal atrophy
  • Overcoming bladder issues
  • Correctly balancing vaginal pH
  • Solutions for urinary incontinence
  • Improving a lack of interest or excitement
  • Understanding the orgasm and plateau disruption
  • Which hygienic and lubrication products to use or avoid
  • Reducing painful intercourse, dryness, and itching
  • diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy

You will learn more about fulfilling your intimate potential in one afternoon than you have in all your biology and sex-ed classes combined!  So, leave your bashfulness at the door, bring your wine glass, and enjoy!

We only have room for 25 attendees! Tickets must be purchased beforehand (no drop-ins).

All attendees will also receive a gift bag with a few goodies to take home!

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Price: $10
Location: ArtfulSurgery in Lafayette
Date: Thursday, May 10th from 3-6pm

Our diValicious hosts are…

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD FACS

  • Dr. Lee specializes in helping women overcome their intimate challenges with diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy
  • For 15 years she’s been voted one of the East Bay’s favorite plastic surgeons
  • She’s Board Certified in Plastic Surgery with 21 years of experience, and is also a jeweler and a knitwear designer

Melina Winterton, MPH

  • Melina has been delivering Sexual Health classes & workshops for over 20 years! Her clients include the CA Dept. of Education, UC Berkeley, UCSF, doctors, nurses, & many one-on-one clients as well
  • Her public programs are energetic, hilarious, non-judgemental & mind-expanding
  • She also chairs the Speaker’s Bureau of SFSI, a local sex education non-profit

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Learn More About Dr. Lee

What kind of results can you expect with the Melina’s methods and diVa Laser Therapy?

“After childbirth I always needed to immediately find a bathroom when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. I dreaded the jump roping workouts at my crossfit gym too.  Being in my early 30s I never thought these urinary problems would be such an issue.  Now I’m working out without fear and I no longer worry about crossing my legs when I sneeze or laugh.” – A

“After having my 2 girls, things were never quite the same.  Now I feel like I did in my twenties. My sexual satisfaction and sensation have been amazing.” – J

“Two of my post-menopausal symptoms have been painful dryness and itching.  After the first treatment dryness was improved by 50% and the itching is gone.” – L

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