CoolSculpting Update

So we have been CoolSculpting (non-surgical liposuction) for 3 months now. The results are coming in. What do we, in the office, see? Well, patients do really well during the procedure. The initial application of the suction is intense and weird but, as we had hoped, the second set of cycles not so much, as our patients know what to expect to feel. After 5 minutes, the cold feeling is gone too. The procedure IS truly comfortable. We have had patients who have napped while being treated, others have knit entire baby caps, some have worked incessantly on computers “my office thinks I am working from home today,” while still others have streamed their favorite TV series or movie on our brand new wide screen TV. Some have let us buy them lunch, some have reminded us that they never eat during the day. All have gone back to work the next day, some have had mild to moderate bruising, some not, some have taken ibuprofen or Tylenol, some not. No one has asked for stronger pain meds. Some have liked to wear their Spanx type garments, some have not. Each patient has responded slightly differently to the treatment, but the post procedure process has been, as predicted and hoped, not disruptive to their lives.

It is too early for us to report fully on results, as they continue to improve over 4-6 months, but we have spoken to the patients, and this is an example of what they have to say:

“Coolsculpting has been amazing. I have seen a huge, huge difference in the areas treated. My pants are looser. I am back into my lowcut jeans, the ones I stopped wearing because of my “muffin top”, now gone. I was itchy and my skin felt weird for a couple of weeks. I wore a Spanx for a 3 weeks because the bouncing when I walked was uncomfortable, but that is all better now. I would probably have never done liposuction for these areas because I really don’t want to have surgery, but there is no question that I was uncomfortable with my love handles, and I feel much better getting dressed now. Coolsculpting is the bomb.”

“Coolsculpting works, definitely. I started slow, Dr. Lee set up a total treatment plan, but I was not ready for all of it. I am not at 3 months yet, but I can see that there are areas that I will want to have the full treatment, but I am definitely smaller in all the places I was treated. The abdominal part was sensitive for 1 week, my lower back and hips were not tender at all. The treatment feels weird at first, but is not painful. Overall, this is easy and I see results, even though it is early.”

While we don’t have final results or photographs yet, the initial experience is great; patients are comfortable as we had hoped both during and after the procedure, and the results, even while early, are visible. Coolsculpting is proving to be “the bomb.”

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