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About Dr. Lee
Dr. Elizabeth Lee is a board certified plastic surgeon serving the Lafayette, CA area. Dr. Lee has over 25 years of experience in the private practice, and focuses on providing her patients with individualized treatment based on their goals. She has also been voted East Bay’s favorite plastic surgeons for over ten years!

After graduating from Northwestern University’s Honors Program in Medical Education, she trained at at The New York Hospital in Manhattan. After that, she completed residencies both in General Surgery and in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.
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Mommy Makeover At ArtfulSurgery
A Mommy Makeover typically focuses on the areas most commonly affecting moms after pregnancy and childbirth. Typically the procedure consists of cosmetic surgery on the breasts and abdomen.
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Before and After Results
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What to Expect
Typical changes to the breasts after pregnancy include smaller breast size, less upper breast fullness, loose skin, and drooping of the nipples. The abdomen may develop loose or bulging muscles (called a rectus diastasis), an umbilical hernia which presents as a bulge around the belly button, loose skin, or stubborn fat deposits that will not resolve. The surgical solution is customized to each patient. Procedures that improve the abdominal appearance include revision of C-section scars, abdominoplasty with rectus muscle plication, and/or liposuction of the tummy or love handles.
What Our Clients Say
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My Mommy Makeover, and the artist who is finally going to make it happen! I am so happy with my results so far – Dr. Lee truly did an amazing job.
Giselle G.
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48 year old Mommy Makeover! The healing process continues and the results improve every day.
Mitel L.
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Outstanding surgical outcome with exceptional support after breast implant removal. Dr Lee made me feel very welcomed and answered all my questions.
Anna L.
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Dr Lee is so intelligent and thoughtful.  She truly takes the time to try and get to know each patient and then decide the right procedure for each one.
Melinda H.
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From start to finish, my procedure was handled with class. I was given all of the information I needed by a very communicative Dr. Lee, her kind and professional staff, and her amazing, detailed printed materials.
Kathy O.
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I am extremely happy I went with Dr. Lee and I will continue to go back. Yay for finding a true expert
Zen R.
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