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CoolSculpting for Men

Are you tired of not having the body your workouts should be giving you? Despite hours at the gym and endless protein shakes, it can seem impossible to shed stubborn fat from those problem areas.

You can now permanently lose fat cells with an easy, no downtime, fast, comfortable, in-office treatment. Enter CoolSculpting; The best, FDA approved technology that uses controlled cooling to stimulate the permanent, natural breakdown of fat cells with a non-surgical procedure.

Want to be treated by an expert? Dr. Lee is 1 of only 7 physicians out of thousands in the U.S. chosen by the makers of CoolSculpting to develop new protocols, and has been voted 1 of the best plastic surgeons in the East Bay for over a decade.

Worried about time? ArtfulSurgery, with 4 machines, can get you fully treated in less than 1 day.

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Botox for Men

Do you look tired and angry even when you’re having a good day? You may not even know that you’re frowning or squinting, but those around you can see it. Ironically, trying to research this online can cause more confusion, and more squinting and frowning.

Botox is the proven way to fight and prevent wrinkles. FDA approved, first to market, treatment in less time than it takes to shower.

Come to the expert. Dr. Lee, with over 20 years of experience treating patients with Botox, and voted 1 of the “Most Loved Injectors, 2017” on, can help you join millions of happy Botox believers.

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Fillers for Men

Are you battling to maintain your distinguished and yet, experienced look but don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to figure it out? Fillers may be just the ticket to smooth out some of those lined areas and make your face look tighter.

Looking at the photo below, long lasting filler products can take years off your appearance.

Here at ArtfulSurgery, we utilize a full range of injectible products, and are experts in choosing the one to best treat your individual needs. Good rejuvenation is not just science, it is art. Elizabeth S. Lee, MD brings the art to ArtfulSurgery.

Whether from the Juvederm or Restylane family of products, or Radiesse, facial fillers add immediate volume and provide long lasting results by stimulating your natural collagen production over time.

Over 90% of satisfied patients on are happy they made the time to get themselves treated. To discuss your options and your personalized plan, schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee today.

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