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Do you have a noticeable pocket of fat beneath your chin?

Gravity, age, and hormones can make your submental fat more prominent over time. Even if you are very fit, you can still develop a “double chin”! 

Diet and exercise are often no match for the pesky fat that develops at the top of the neck and along the jaw. Thanks to CoolSculpting, you don’t have to keep living with a double chin!* A single CoolSculpting treatment with Allergan’s CoolMini applicator will reduce your submental fat by up to 25 to 50%, without a single incision.* This convenient, non-invasive fat elimination procedure requires no downtime and has helped thousands of people around the country get rid of their double chins for good! 

Have a double chin? Not for long, if you choose CoolSculpting at ArtfulSurgery in Lafayette, CA. To learn more about the impressive capabilities of this treatment, contact our office today. 

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting was developed using the science of cryolipolysis, which was first discovered by Harvard Scientists in 2008. Their study revealed that fat cells die off when exposed to freezing temperatures. The cold of the CoolSculpting treatment affects subcutaneous fat stores, but leaves surrounding tissues unaffected. This makes it an ideal option for people who struggle to shrink their stubborn fat  without undergoing an invasive procedure, like liposuction surgery.

CoolSculpting is an amazing non-invasive fat elimination technology.

The average CoolSculpting session lasts for less than 45 minutes and successfully breaks down roughly 25 to 50% of fat in a targeted area.* Once the fat cells are broken down, the body disposes of them naturally through the lymphatic system. 

The body breaks down your fat over the weeks following your CoolSculpting treatment. There is no downtime, no uncomfortable recovery, and no risk of scarring with CoolSculpting. You simply come into ArtfulSurgery and relax! 

*Individual results may vary. 

What is Neck CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has been FDA-approved to treat the upper neck and chin area. CoolSculpting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for patients who are frustrated by stubborn submental fat.*

If you have an active lifestyle and balanced diet, but still have fat under your jaw and chin, CoolSculpting will diminish your submental fat and deliver a slimmer, smoother jawline.*  

A double chin will detract from anyone’s appearance! As we age, gravity can pull the fat cells in the chin lower. This will make any weight gain in that area especially prominent and problematic. Once this fat develops, it is often stubborn and unresponsive to traditional weight loss efforts. CoolSculpting will target and reduce the fat cells under your chin to improve your profile and facial contour.* Now you can get rid of your double chin, in less than an hour, thanks to CoolSculpting!*

About the CoolMini

Dr. Lee’s CoolSculpting expertise has earned her the privilege of being one of the first doctors in the country to offer treatments with CoolMini.

The CoolMini applicator is specially-designed to treat targeted, angled areas of the body. This makes it a perfect solution for fat that accumulates on the neck and under the chin. CoolMini is currently the only non-invasive treatment for a double chin.*

As of 2017, CoolSculpting was also FDA-approved to tighten tissue on the neck. A study conducted over an 18-week period demonstrated a visible improvement in submental tissue laxity in 77% of participants. This means that CoolSculpting of the neck and chin can tighten skin in addition to reducing fat, creating a tighter, more youthful jawline.* Treatment with CoolMini is the perfect, non-surgical solution to the effects of aging on your neck and chin.*

Benefits of Neck CoolSculpting

  • Eliminate stubborn fat cells from your body*
  • No downtime after treatment
  • Your chin and jawline will be noticeably slimmer after a single treatment*
  • Address your unwanted fat in under an hour*
  • Non-invasive treatment without risk of scarring 
  • Completely eliminate a double chin within four treatment sessions*


Candidates for CoolSculpting of the neck are those who have a heavy submental appearance. If you have a stubborn pocket of fat that sits under your chin, you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting with CoolMini. CoolSculpting is an excellent option for individuals who want to improve the contours of their body and have struggled to produce the results they want at the gym.* CoolSculpting has enabled countless men and women with jam-packed schedules to achieve their body goals, without having to take any time off from their responsibilities.* 

Candidates for CoolSculpting should be in good health and already committed to an active lifestyle and balanced diet.

Health-minded patients will enjoy the best, longest-lasting outcome from CoolSculpting.* 

Patients who have cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria are contraindicated for CoolSculpting. You will receive a thorough assessment to determine your candidacy for CoolSculpting. 

*Individual results may vary. 

ArtfulSurgery’s Special Touch

  • More effective and faster treatment with 4 new machines
  • Can CoolSculpt at 4x speed “Quadsculpting”
  • Trusted advisors to the makers of CoolSculpting
  • ArtfulSurgery helps design treatment protocols for international use
  • One of, if not the only, center in the region where a plastic surgeon does the consultation and designs the treatment plan


The CoolSculpting process at ArtfulSurgery starts with a personal and private consultation with Dr. Lee to help you learn more about what CoolSculpting with CoolMini can accomplish for you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the outcomes and convenience of CoolSculpting.

During this consultation, Dr. Lee will examine the areas that are of concern to you, and design a treatment plan to help you safely achieve the improvement you are looking for. 


CoolSculpting is an exciting treatment that enables you to achieve your ideal body contours with minimal stress or time out of your day.* When you arrive at ArtfulSurgery for your CoolSculpting neck session, Dr. Lee and her CoolSculpting specialists will make sure you have an enjoyable experience worthy of the satisfying results you will achieve. 

Freeze your fat and get right back to your day? Now that’s cool!

CoolSculpting your neck on average takes less than forty-five minutes, though you may have several applications in a single treatment session to fully treat your area of concern.* You will be seated in a comfortable CoolSculpting recliner and a topical gel will be applied to the area you will be treating.* The CoolMini applicator will be strategically placed on your submental fat in order to slim your neckline and eliminate your double chin.* The applicator uses gentle suction to draw the area to be treated up into the cup of the applicator. You may feel a slight pinch as the applicator first suctions to your skin, followed by a feeling of cold on your neck.* The treatment area may tingle before it becomes numb, usually within a few minutes.* After this point, you will sit comfortably while CoolMini emits controlled, freezing temperatures to your submental fat cells.* 

Many patients choose to read or watch TV during the procedure.

Once your treatment with the CoolMini applicator is complete, your CoolSculpting specialist will gently massage the tissue of your chin and upper neck. This step has been shown to assist the fat cells break down following your session.* 

After your massage, you are free to go and enjoy the rest of your day


Zero downtime is required after your CoolSculpting session with CoolMini. Mild side effects can include numbness, tingling, stinging, or other slight feelings of discomfort in the treated area, but these effects are minor and abate within a few days.* 

Your body will continue to break down and flush out the treated fat cells over the weeks following your CoolSculpting session.Patients start to see early results in as little as 1 month.* 


You will begin to see a noticeable difference in your neck contours within three weeks of your CoolSculpting appointment.* Your best results will develop within four to six months.* Your treatment will achieve a 25 to 50% reduction in your submental fat cells.* You may also be pleasantly surprised to see that the skin along your jawline holds a tighter, slimmer contour after CoolSculpting your neck.*

CoolSculpting will help you to achieve the slim, flattering jaw and neck contour you desire. 


Does CoolSculpting work on the neck? 

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to treat stubborn fat deposits that can develop on the upper neck, beneath the chin. A single treatment can reduce this fat store by up to 25 to 50%. 

How much does Neck CoolSculpting cost?

The price of CoolSculpting your neck will depend on the number of treatments needed to accomplish your desired results. Once Dr. Lee has a clear sense of the size of your treatment area and the outcome you would like to achieve, she will recommend a personalized treatment plan and provide you with an appropriate cost estimate. 

Will CoolSculpting get rid of turkey neck?

CoolSculpting can help reduce excess submental tissue and tighten the skin of the neck to help address a turkey neck appearance.* Dr. Lee will be able to assess the unique causes of your turkey neck and recommend the most effective treatment method for you. A combination of CoolSculpting and Botox or CoolSculpting and a skin tightening treatment like Tyte & Bryte can restore the smooth, youthful contours of your neck.*