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Sciton Laser
Posted March 29, 2011, 10:06 a.m.

Well, it has been almost a year with my new Sciton Broad Light/ Erbium Tunable Resurfacing Laser and what I have learned? I LOVE it! It is a flexible and powerful tool that allows me to greatly expand my treatment of all sorts of sun damage and aging of the skin. I can now treat rosacea, something I was not able to effectively address with Obagi NuDerm as my work horse. Stubborn brown spots respond remarkably well to the BBL photofacial. The tunable Erbium laser allows a precise depth of resurfacing to treat wrinkles and improve texture adjusted to each patient's specific needs. Not only do I love it, but the patients are really happy to which is what it is really all about for me.

We just recently added the 1064 (nd YAG) wavelenght and beyond the ability to do hair removal now on darker skin types, we can get great improvement in stubborn rosacea and spider veins.

As many of you know, we ran a "Groupon" back in November. Wow, did we get a big response. We have now done over 100, 4 micron microlaser peels. With minimal down time, patiens have seen impressive improvement in texture and pigmentation.

I am generally slow to jump on the "newest and greatest" bandwagon and have watched with scepticism and concern as various laser products have come on the market. Certainly, some of the older technology made skin smoother but sacrificed normal texture and left the skin looking "done" to my eyes. It was the science behind the Sciton convinced me that I could treat patients safely without the prolonged downtime and long term risk I had seen with older laser resurfacing procedures.

During this time when we are all thinking that "less is more" it is great to be able to offer a great treatment option for hair, brown spots, red, vein-y and wrinkly problem places.

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Showing entries 1 - 1 of all blog entries from March 2011.

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